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Products Model:K-TEK-V275TP-FN-SC-BL-NV-EMC

Model NO.:     K-TEK-V275TP-FN-SC-BL-NV-EMC

DESCRIPTION: 91 keys IP65 dynamic waterproof sealed & ruggedized keyboard. With integrated sealed & ruggedized toughtouchpad for fast and accurate cursor position. 12 FN keys are on the top line for easy operation. Scissors switch technology with short stroke of 1.20mm,which has a good tactile feeling for fast and accurate data input, without any noise. “FN +CLEAN” combination key for easy cleaning via lock/disable the entire keyboard without taking the keyboard from PC, which can avoid misoperation during the cleaning procedure. Adjustable white/red industrial backlight included to fit dim condition. Built-in top panel mounting version, military level.

DIMENSIONS : 285.0mm x 179.69mm x 6.0mm (L x W x H)

MEDICAL: Lab, hospital, clinic, dental, such as carts, diagnostic equipment, operation rooms, dialysis centers etc.;
MATERIAL HANDLING: mobile keyboard, data entry, assembly line etc.
MILITARY: Army, Navy, Air force
INDUSTRIAL: Vehicle,Police Car, Fork, Industrial automation, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage.

Keys:91 keys     Key Travel:1.2mm short stroke
Key Size: 15.8mm x 15mm for normal keys    Key Lifetime:>200 million
Backlight:Red or White        Touchpad:1.3 mm thickness PCB with polyester film
Actuation Force: Square key: 0.5N+/-0.1N Rectangular key: 1.0N+/-0.1N
Layout:Standard US Layout or Customized multiple languages
Weight:420G   Protection Level:IP65

Supply Voltage:+5V DC +/-5%
Current Rating:50mA (non-backlight) , MAX 250mA (with backlight on)
EMC Standard: EN 55032:2015, EN 55035:2017
Lifespan> 5 years       Switch Contact Material:
Scissors switch technology with membrane
Interface:PS2, USB available.   Cable length:Standard 2.0m, customized length available.
OS:All Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Vxworks, Android. 
Operating temperature:-40℃to +80℃
Storage temperature:-45℃to +85℃
Saline mist:96h, IEC60512-6
Damp heat test at +40℃:21 days, IEC 60512-6
Dry heat test at +85℃:10 days, IEC 60512-6
Operating RH:100%
Atmospheric pressure:60-106Kpa
Certification:RoHS , CE, FCC, ESD,

1, Meet MIL-STD-461E with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) etc.:

CE101  25Hz-10kHz Power lead Conducted Emission

CE102  10kHz-10MHz Power lead Conducted Emission

CS101  25Hz-150kHz Power lead Conducted Susceptibility

CS106  Spike Power lead Conducted Susceptibility

CS114  4kHz-400MHz Bulk Cable injection Conducted Susceptibility

CS115  30Hz/1 min Bulk Cable injection Conducted Susceptibility, Impulse Excitation

CS116  10kHz-100MHz  Cable and Power Leads, Damped Sinusoid Transients, Conducted Susceptibility

RE101  25Hz-100kHz Magnetic Field Radiated Emissions

RE102  10kHz-18GHz Electric Field Radiated Emissions

RS101  25Hz-100kHz Magnetic Field Radiated Susceptibility

RS103  10kHz-40GHz Electric field Radiated Susceptibility

CS112  Electrostatic Discharge Susceptibility

2, Meet MIL-STD-810F (wide temperature, shock, vibration, humidity).

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