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12 keys compact format IP65 dot matrix keypad
  • 12 keys compact format IP65 dot matrix keypad
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Products Model:K-TEK-A12KP-AC-BL
12 keys compact format IP 65 vandal proof metal dot matrix keypad with Zinc alloy chromed keys and frame, with industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch with long stroke 2.0mm, rear panel mounted, dot matrix keypad without electronics controller. Blue backlight Included.  
Dimensions: 69.0mm x 72.00mm (front panel)

Keys: 12 keys, Zinc alloy
Key Size: 10.0mm x 10.0mm 
Key travel: 2.0mm 
Switch life: more than 5 million of operations.

Working voltage:  DC 9v+/-5%
Lifespan: >5 years
Key switch: Natural electrical conductive silicon rubber
Pin pitch space: 2.54mm
Working temperature: -20℃+60℃
Storage temperature:-30℃+70℃
Operating RH: 30-90% 
Atmospheric pressure 80~106kPa
Force 160-180 grams, nimble dial-up
Contact resistance<100 Ω

Main components
1) Alloy chrome-plated button and framework
2) Natural electrical conductive silicon rubber
3) Epoxy resin gilding
PCB Users choice
1) Button chrome-plated colors: polished or sandblasted chrome.
2) Zinc alloy – plated of the framework’s colors: polished or sandblasted chrome
3) Other usage keyboard is available be side s using for telephone and access control systems

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