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IP65 vandal proof Stainless encryption PINPAD
  • IP65 vandal proof Stainless encryption PINPAD
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Products Model:K-TEK-B120PP
16 keys compact format IP65 dynamic vandal proof  Stainless Steel encryption PINPAD with industrial metal dome encryption electronics controller supporting DES/TDES  shieded & protected by stainless steel housing, industrial metal dome PCB with gold-on-gold key switch technology with short stroke 0.45mm with excellent tactile feeling for stable and accurate data input, top stainless steel plate with threaded bolts under top stainless steel plate for top panel mounting solution.  
Dimensions: 120.0mm x 98.0mm (front panel)

This encryption PINPAD is mainly targeted for use for unsupervised or semi-supervised positions of varied bank access applications, Bank kiosks, ATM, CDMs etc.

Stainless steel fascia and key-tops guard willful destruction, against corrosion, shock, dust, falling raining, splashing, hose-directed water and vandal resistant, operation under hostile environments. 
Internet friendly key layout, key-tops are sunk laser-etched in legends and characters via using high quality ink for easy readability, long life to prevent lettering rub-off. Or protrusive engraving available. 
The PINPAD in 4 x 4 matrix with Enter, Cancel, Correction, etc. compliance with ISO standard. 
16 bytes keys (16 master keys x 4 working keys), it can be self destructive with back-up battery to achieve this function. 
The PINPAD can be used as a keypad for numeric entry. 
The ATM can instruct PINPAD to exit key entry/supervisory mode.

Standard RS232 serial interface. 
Communication velocity: 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200bps. 
Data format: N, 8, 1. 
16 actuators: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, correct, enter, cancel, backup key 3 defined for ABC. 
Data encryption and decryption (DES/TDES), MAC Algorithm. 
Encryption rate: < 1 second.

Actuation Force: 2.0N +/-0.1N (pressure point). 
Key Stroke: 0.45mm. 
Front panel: brushed stainless steel. 
Actuator/keys materials: stainless steel. 
Mechanical Key lifespan: 5 Mio actuations. 
Lettering: laser engraving or raised letter. 
Dimensions: 120.0mm x 98.0mm (front plate). 
GW: 1.0Kg.

Switching Material: Gold-on-Gold. 
Power Supply Voltage:+5V DC. 
Power consumption:Under 1W for operating condition, 200mA for non-operating condition. 
EMC: EN55022(B). 
Communication Interface: RS232 or USB available.  
Enter PIN: 10 numerical keys and 6 function keys. 

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C. 
Storage temperature:-30 °C to +70°C. 
Operating RH: 30~90%. 
Atmospheric pressure: 60~106Kpa.  
Keypad is watertight while being mounted correctly on ATM.  

RoHS Compliant, CE and FCC 
Protection Level: IP65(front panel) 
Vandal resistant IK10 
Sensitive data can be well saved while sudden power off.  
Sensitive data and program can be erased when being tampered. 
Key Lifespan > 5 million actuations. 
MTBF >50000H. 
MTTR <30min.
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