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IP65 vandal proof Stainless encryption PINPAD
  • IP65 vandal proof Stainless encryption PINPAD
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Products Model:K-TEK-B100PP
16 keys compact format IP65 dynamic vandal proof  Stainless Steel encryption PINPAD with industrial metal dome encryption electronics controller supporting DES/TDES  shieded & protected by stainless steel housing,  industrial metal dome PCB with gold-on-gold key switch technology with short stroke 0.45mm with excellent tactile feeling for stable and accurate data input, rear stainless steel plate with mounting holes for rear panel mounting. 
Dimensions: 100.0mm x 91.4mm (top panel)

This encryption PINPAD is mainly targeted for use for unsupervised or semi-supervised positions of varied bank access applications, Bank kiosks, ATM, CDMs etc.

Stainless steel fascia and key-tops guard willful destruction, against corrosion, shock, dust, falling raining, splashing, hose-directed water and vandal resistant, operation under hostile environments. 
Internet friendly key layout, key-tops are sunk laser-etched in legends and characters via using high quality ink for easy readability, long life to prevent lettering rub-off. Or protrusive engraving available. 
The PINPAD in 4 x 4 matrix with Enter, Cancel, Correction, etc. compliance with ISO standard 
16 bytes keys (16 master keys x 4 working keys), it can be self destructive with back-up battery to achieve this function 
The PINPAD can be used as a normal keypad for numeric entry 
The ATM can instruct PINPAD to exit key entry/supervisory mode 
2 functional keypads are optional.

Standard RS232 serial interface 
Communication velocity: 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200bps 
Data format: N, 8, 1 
16 actuators: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, correct, enter, cancel, backup key 3 defined for ABC.The key 2, 3…9 can support the related English letters under suitable systems. 
Data encryption and decryption (DES/TDES), PINBLOCK, MAC Algorithm. 
Encryption rate: < 1 second

Actuation Force: 3.0N (pressure point) 
Key Stroke: 0.45mm 
Front panel: brushed stainless steel 
Actuator/keys materials: stainless steel 
Mechanical Key lifespan: 5 Mio actuations 
Lettering: laser engraving or raised letter 
Dimensions: 100.0mm x 91.4mm x 33.0mm (L x W x H) 
NW: 1.0KGs

Switching Material: Metal dome PCB with Gold-on-Gold Key Switch Technology. 
Power Supply Voltage:+5V DC 
Power consumption: 
Under 1W for operating condition, 200mA for non-operating condition 
EMC: EN55022(B) 
Communication Interface: RS232 or USB available. 
Enter PIN: 10 numerical keys and 6 function keys. 

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C 
Storage temperature:-30°C to +70°C 
Operating RH: 30--90% 
Atmospheric pressure: 60-106Kpa. 
Keypad is watertight while being mounted correctly on ATM

RoHS Compliant, CE and FCC 
Protection Level: IP65(front panel) 
Vandal resistant IK10 
Sensitive data can be well saved while sudden power off. 
Sensitive data and program can be erased when being tampered. 
Key Lifespan > 5 million actuations 
MTBF >50000H 
MTTR <30min
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